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TDK boombox 3 Speaker review

Hey Guys welcome to my first review
I hope you have a laugh while watching this!
Please note there is some mild swearing, no intention of offending any one

I brought my TDK speaker boombox a few months back and just wanted to share with you my views.

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Fw.anthony : bruh I just saw this thing at the pawn shop for 200 dollars
Mariano Menconi : A bomb...
episode 666 no one : compare it to Aiwa exos9 or bumpboxx
Алексей Пучков : вид гавно !!!!! моглибы лутши корпус придумать .такое гавно я даже даром не возму !!!!!!!!!!!!!
VinceThebadass : I've been looking for this boom box can't find it on eBay or amazon WERE DID YOU BUY IT FROM!!!

TDK 3 Speaker Boombox Unboxing & Overview

Buy this Boombox here -


This is an unboxing of the TDK 3 speaker boombox. Here are some more details on the unit -

- Two 6-inch coaxial drivers plus subwoofer

- Inputs: USB (iPod/iPhone with included 30 pin cable)

- 3.5mm audio jack (cable included)

- Auxiliary audio jack for instrument and mix

- AM/FM with 5 presets

- Power Output: 35 Watts RMS.

- Power Source: 12 'D' batteries (not included)

- AC power supply

- Made for iPod touch (2nd generations), iPod classic, iPod nano (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation), iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G.
BennyValle07 : According to TDK, 12 D-cell batteries will keep the Boombox running for 6 hours. At “80% power”, battery life goes up to 10-12 hours.
YumaBorn : I really want this thing if only for aesthetic reasons
ACEGAMER54 : you sound so depressed compared to all your new videos.
smg13guy : does it worth it for the price and is it better tan a bose or Monster beatbox
Peace, Love, Happiness : Im so glad I waited to get this. I bought a originally $500 boombox for $280. If you want a boombox you should get this. Its just amazing

TDK 3 Speaker Boombox

Unboxing and overview of TDK 3 Speaker Boombox.
SCHRUBBE1966 : Great unit review though. Opps i mean system platform. :) Nice job!
Around My Way : Thanks. I will try to remember that in the future.
Around My Way : LOL
I'm not sure why I opted for that word.
MEGABOINK65 : This unit is gorgeous, but i love my Altec Lansing imt810. The base the clarity is freaking awsome. Wont blow your roof off but love it!
Randubles P : Awesome! It looks like they have updated the TDK website finally complete with firmware update and instructions. They even added a chat assistant to the site.




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